This 1803 scent of Lavender Lemongrass is a fan favorite! Lavender Lemongrass linen & room spray has the perfect mixture of lavender and lemongrass to engulf you with a regenerative aroma that also relaxes the jaded spirit. Lavender Lemongrass linen & room spray is a valuable and simple option in the moments when a room needs an invigorating lift!

Lavender Lemongrass Linen & Room Spray

  • Linen & room sprays are a convenient source of freshening any space at home or during travel. Our hand-mixed linen & room sprays can be spritzed on towels, linens, car interiors, or curtains. Perhaps you will find another useful place to add a boost of your favorite 1803 Candles® scent!

    Linen & Room Spray Exclusive Features
    Fragrance without a Flame
    Useable Virtually Anywhere Scent is Desired
    Available in All of our Scents
    Quick Solution to Freshen a Room
    Safe for Bedding and Towels
    Non-Toxic Made in the United States

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